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Crash Fever MOD APK

Additional Information about Crash Fever
Genres Puzzle Version Developer WonderPlanet Inc. Requires 4.1 Size 94 MB MOD Features
High Attack/Monster Low Attack
Crash Fever is a Japanese RPG game that combines a variety of innovative elements, resulting in a game that many people enjoy.
The Land of the Rising Sun has released an online game.
As you may be aware, this is a socially collaborative game, which means that players will meet virtually to complete a mission.
It will also give you a plethora of intriguing events and prizes for players. As a result, it allows each participant to make valuable decisions.
On the other hand, the game is not difficult to play.
Simply said, to earn points orbits, you must destroy groupings of puzzles or balls that are close together and of the same hue.
However, in order to increase the game’s interest, the publisher makes the game rules or the part you play more complicated.
After learning a little more about the game, it’s time to jump right in and play Crash Fever.
This game is now accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones.


Crash Fever MOD APK

Crash Fever’s core game is a hero collection game as well as a puzzle game.

It appears to be similar to Puzzle & Dragons, but instead of dragons, you’ll be collecting anime-style characters.

To play this game, you’ll need to assemble a four-person party. You then send these units on quests.

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Each mission will have its own set of stages, but they will all require the same approach to play.

Normally, you must fight the enemies until you reach the boss.

You win and go to the next stage after defeating the boss. But how will you be able to direct your units to attack?

Simply put, you must explode an orb on the field

You get bonus damage if you can explode orbs that match your character’s color. You should also remember how to play rock-paper-scissors.

Fire will defeat grass in this game, whereas grass will defeat electricity, electricity will defeat water, and water will undoubtedly defeat fire.

Everything in the game becomes a breeze if you follow this rule.

Keep in mind that completing quests will not increase your unit’s level. To level up, you must feed them with material units and bits.

What are your options for obtaining these materials?

Don’t worry; after each step, you’ll be awarded resources, units, and bits that you can use to advance your rank and units.

You can obtain some limited-time ranks and units through event quests in addition to regular tasks.

However, you must be level 30 or higher to complete these event missions.

You must also complete a thousand missions to obtain Polygons.

Polygons are a type of currency that you may buy with actual cash.

It may appear expensive, but Polygons will be used to purchase a large number of powerful troops.

Finally, one of the features that distinguish this game is the option to accomplish stages with other players.

To be honest, you can make a room, then invite others to enter, each controlling a different character. This appears to be the game’s selling point.

Overall, this game has a great balance of puzzles and role-playing adventure elements.

Crash Fever’s gameplay is basic, but it demands players to plan an effective strategy depending on the game’s mechanics.

Furthermore, the gameplay is unique in that it provides players with a brand-new experience while simultaneously incorporating many elements from prior games.

Furthermore, all of the characters in the gameplay have an important function for the gamers.

They have a unique style that is both amusing and attractive, with bright and eye-catching outfits.

Crash Fever Mod Apk has the following features:

Crash Fever A Game of Puzzles Having Personas

Personality, strength, and attractiveness all play a role in determining the attributes of each character.

These characters form a team with powerful combat powers based on the player’s playstyle.

In addition, all characters can be upgraded and empowered by the players.

Character upgrades, in particular, help to boost their total stats, allowing them to combat tougher opponents.

While empowering aids in the reduction of activating conditions and the enhancement of some specific combat talents.

Mini-Games and Attractive Events

Aside from the appealing character graphics, this game offers players a constant stream of simple mini-games and interesting events.

This feature adds variety to the gameplay compared to other puzzle games.

You can obtain rare stuff by participating in events, and you will have tranquil hours to relax by engaging in small games.

RPG Elements that are Exciting

When you first start the battle, you’ll see that the screen interface is split into two sections.

The match progress area will be at the top, while the puzzle area will be at the bottom.

The party will then begin with a variety of characters and power categories.

The puzzle area displays the corresponding number of colors for each power type in the player’s squad, based on the power kind.

Furthermore, in comparison to other puzzle rivals, the puzzle area has a unique design.

The jumbled arrangement of colorful bricks is the first thing players will notice in this region.

Their locations, however, are still near to one other, making the conflict less tense.

The combat is turn-based, and players must connect blocks of the same color.

You must join them as much as possible. To produce a similar power, the damage attribute will be based on the color of the block.

The red block, for example, deals with physical harm whereas the blue block deals with magical damage.

However, if you connect the colored blocks at the correct time, your character’s special abilities will be activated.

As previously stated, each character has a standard skill that is activated when players connect enough blocks of the same colour.

And the RPG element here is that the player embarks on a journey in a big fantasy world full of mystery.

As the player progresses down the path, the challenge becomes more difficult, asking the player to persevere through difficult moments.

However, if you succeed in overcoming these challenges, you will be rewarded with a large sum of money.

How Can I Avoid Taking My Turn?

By tapping the Turn Skip arrow, you can skip your current turn at any time.

It can be found on the right side of the active unit. Even if you skip your turn after touching some panels, the effect of the panels will still be felt.

When do I get a fever and why do I get it?

The Fever aids in the restoration of health and the mitigation of damage, depending on the average panel hit quantities.

It means you can finish an enemy with it or use it as a panic heal. Even if you gain sufficient confidence, you can utilize it to cause harm.

People frequently use Fever before utilizing Lancelot to wipe the board and reclaim their Fever meter.


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