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Street Racing HD MOD APK 6.4.0

Additional Information about Street Racing HD
Genres Racing Version 6.4.0 Developer Ivy Requires 4.1 Size 117 MB MOD Features
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For those who are interested, Street Racing HD, an excellent mobile title from Ivy, brings gamers top-class racing fun with no restrictions and limitless actions, is now available.
At the same time, marvel at the game’s stunning HD graphics, which include outstanding 3D vehicles and realistic driving physics.
All of this will keep you interested in the races even more.
The game includes entertaining and exciting street racing experiences in which players can choose from a variety of unusual vehicles, each with its own distinct appearance and driving mechanics.
Feel free to explore the intriguing maps with various routes and amazing tracks to put your talents to the test.
Also, never miss out on the fantastic street races, which feature never-ending excitement and pit you against a variety of experienced opponents.
In Street Racing HD, blow up the streets while unlocking new challenges to test yourself.


Street Racing HD

Android gamers may join a beginner driver on his ultimate quest to control the streets and become the world’s best street racer in Street Racing HD.

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Enjoy your epic competitions with the expert characters in the game as you take on the limitless racing challenges that will take you over the world.

As you go, you’ll discover more interesting and exciting stories. During your races, unlock limitless in-game actions and have a blast with the street adventures.

Feel free to hop into any of your favorite vehicles, which include top-of-the-line models from well-known manufacturers, each with its unique set of driving sensations and bonuses to delight you.

Explore the vast racing challenges that will take you on a journey through a variety of tracks from around the world.

Enjoy the addicting racing experiences with up to 5 fearless opponents who are all prepared to go to any length to defeat their opponents and win their races.

Have a blast destroying the streets with your fast automobiles while performing amazing feats and fantastic movements.

Unlock powerful buffs and boosters to improve your racing experience.

Dress up and customize your cars however you like. Most importantly, the online gameplay will ensure that your enjoyment in Street Racing HD is multiplied.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features:

Touch controls that are easy to use will keep you entertained

To begin with, thanks to the easy and immersive touch controls, Android gamers in Street Racing HD can fully enjoy their addicting mobile racing gameplay.

Here, you may use the basic virtual touch buttons to freely control your cars and do various moves.

Alternatively, you can opt for the more immersive tilt functionality, which will keep you even more immersed in the exciting mobile activities.

Street racing with amazing mechanics is a lot of fun

And, for those who are interested, thanks to its wonderful physics, you may now enjoy the awesome gameplay of street racing.

You may enjoy the addicting racing adventures with up to 6 different people in real-time PvP challenges or the dynamic offline stages here.

Take a ride in a variety of your favorite vehicles and enjoy the thrilling driving experiences offered by the various vehicles.

Make use of the fun nitrogen bars to boost your speed whenever you need it.

Use the amazing ramps to launch your cars off the ground and accelerate while flying.

Perform amazing drifting maneuvers to keep you totally immersed in the street driving game.

To gain an advantage, run over your opponents and do several feats and acrobatics.

Continue collecting nitro boosters along the route, and in the final runs, defeat your opponents.

Street Racing HD’s dynamic gameplay and in-depth in-game features will ensure that you get the most out of this fantastic mobile game.

Realistic physics to keep you interested in the game

Those who are interested can now enjoy the great racing experience in Street Racing HD with realistic physics.

Feel free to drive your cars around the streets and have a fantastic time playing the addictive drift games.

Immerse yourself in spectacular collisions with your opponents while admiring the realistic physics and vehicle damage.

Above all, precise physics will ensure that you can execute your actions with absolute precision.

There are no limits to the number of levels and challenges you can take on

Android gamers may now enjoy unlimited offline stages, which will introduce them to a succession of epic racing actions, making the game much more enjoyable.

Explore the advanced racing divisions and compete against the best competitors.

Take on epic racing challenges in various tracks while enjoying various game modes.

And, because of the growing levels of difficulty, you can always play this fantastic mobile game without it becoming too monotonous or demanding at the same time.

Not to mention the fantastic prizes and never-ending adrenaline rushes that will keep you engrossed in this fantastic game.

There are a lot of amazing automobiles for you to work with

Android gamers can enjoy working with a large assortment of in-game automobiles in Street Racing HD, which can easily compete with Street Racing 3D and Top Speed.

Have access to a variety of stunning automobiles from well-known manufacturers, each with its own unique appearance and driving experience.

As a result, you may fully immerse yourself in the adventures and enjoy racing with a variety of automobile models.

Feel free to gather and investigate their various mechanics in order to gain a better understanding of the game’s dynamics.

Make use of the various upgrades to make the most of your addicting runs with the fantastic vehicles.

There are a lot of amazing tracks with distinct racing experiences

Android gamers will be able to have fun with their vehicles on a variety of spectacular tracks, each having its own unique driving sensations, to make the racing gameplay more exciting.

Feel free to relax on the legendary Route 66 or have a good time cruising through Tokyo’s bustling streets.

Enjoy the exciting racing experiences provided by the game’s various tracks and use your talents to tackle the various difficulties.

Upgrade your favorite vehicles at your leisure

Those who are interested can now freely improve their favorite cars in Street Racing HD using the game’s essential settings.

Begin by experimenting with the many paint jobs available for your car’s tail, license plate, and, of course, the body. Use one-of-a-kind paints and images to express yourself.

Furthermore, the strong upgrades in Street Racing HD will ensure that you get the most out of the addicting action of street racing.

Enjoy the new engines, which have improved sound and speed. Make use of the improved stability to keep your cars on track at all times.

And use the spectacular nitro boost to send your vehicle flying or exploding in front of your opponents.

Improve the performance of your favorite vehicles and take control of the streets.

Playing PvP with other players is a lot of fun

Street Racing HD players may now enjoy their addictive PvP gaming with friends and internet gamers from all across the world, making the game even more exciting.

Enjoy the exciting 1v1 matches in Street Racing HD with others while watching the real-time racing action. To beat your opponents’ best high scores, chase after their ghosts on each track.

Graphics with high visual and audio quality

Thanks to the excellent graphics and visual components in Street Racing HD, Android gamers may enjoy authentic 3D street racing experiences.

Have access to stunning tracks with authentic scenery and exciting courses.

Enjoy realistic physics and a variety of car mechanics in this fast racing game.

Most importantly, the immersive environment and amazing 3D graphics will make you feel like a true street racer.

Music and sound

Enjoy the addicting racing gameplay in Street Racing HD while listening to the amazing sound effects and incredible music.

Listen to the thunderous roars of your motors, realistic automobile collisions, and exciting music as you explore the spectacular actions.

All of this will keep you engrossed in the fantastic game.

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