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Super Mecha Champions 1.0.10278 APK

Additional Information about Super Mecha Champions 1.0.10278 APK
Genres Action Version 1.0.13403 Developer NetEase Games Requires 4.1 Size 14.86 MB
MOD Features No

Join millions of online players from across the world as we battle for supremacy in the future city of Super Mecha Champions.

Take on other players in huge brawls and gunfights amongst enormous robots in a totally revamped Battle Royale mode.

With our in-depth evaluations, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this fantastic game from NetEase Games.


Super Mecha Champions 1.0.10278 APK

In the world of Super Mecha Champions, with advanced technology, people have been able to build powerful and large robots that could help them in multiple jobs.

To the point that robots appear in each of our daily activities.

And at the same time, people begin to develop an interest in battles between the giants, which is why they start to develop robots called Mecha and allow human pilots to control them while going against each other.

The Mecha fights have been grabbing so much attention that they now have a global competition called Super Mecha Champions.

As a contender, participants will be transferred to an uninhabited city with a total of 99 other players.

To be named winner, you will all be participating in a survival contest in which you must take down any foes within sight and stay alive until the very last instant.

Players must choose the best landing sites when they’re dropped from the plane, capture tactical objectives, and amass good resources to win the game.

Battle Royale gaming as well as epic conflicts between massive Mechas are available.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple controls with an interactive interface

Players will be introduced to a simple and convenient control right away.

All of your moves, skills, abilities and other commands will be presented and organized properly on the screen for convenient access.

This ensures that the game is never interrupted and allows players to concentrate more on the combat.

You’ll also get access to a small but comprehensive minimap that displays you everything you need to know about the map’s geography and upcoming clashes.

Most significantly, it depicts the surrounding dead circle, which continues to close as you progress.

If you pay close attention to the map, you’ll quickly figure out what to do next.

Enjoy exciting Battle Royale gameplay

Super Mecha Champions offers an entirely new Battle Royale experience, filled with insane clashes, fascinating combats, flexible movement, and a whole new set of spectacular weapons found only in the future.

To cause catastrophic damage to the adversaries, employ strong plasma cannons, flamethrowers, snipe riffles, and other formidable weaponry.

This also enables the development of new methods and approaches, allowing the game to change significantly in comparison to traditional Battle Royale.

Fast-paced battles with rising situations will need players to quickly adjust to changing circumstances.

Join amazing battles using giant robots

In addition, gamers can team up to fight enormous Mechas in an epic brawl. Choose the proper Mecha for your fighting style and start collecting resources to make your own massive robots.

As the giants combat one other, take on the enemy’ Mecha in one-on-one battles. You can also use your Mecha’s weaponry to launch deadly strikes at your opponents.

However, bear in mind that, because of your big size and slow movements, you may be an easy target for the enemy in this form.

As a result, you must choose the best time to employ your Mechas and pilot them efficiently to achieve your objectives.

Flexible combats with various tactics

Because of the advanced maneuvers, Super Mecha Champions has a speedy and adaptable battle system, unlike other Battle Royal games.

Furthermore, thanks to modern technology, players in this game can access a variety of weapons, each of which has a unique set of abilities that can dramatically alter the course of conflicts.

If you want to win your Mecha battles, think about the tactical and teamwork components.

Join other players in team battles or enjoy the solo mode

In Super Mecha Champions, players can join others in intense solitary fights where they will fight each other mercilessly one on one.

Alternatively, take part in exciting team combat with your colleagues. To obtain an advantage over the adversaries, make use of your collaboration.

Visual and sound quality


The game allows us to feel and experience a true sci-fi universe with magnificent 3D graphics and a truly futuristic design.

Beautiful skyscrapers, cutting-edge facilities, and, of course, cutting-edge weapons that only exist in your dreams.

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy this game even if you’re using a low-end gadget because the visual quality may be adjusted.

Simply turn it down a notch and you’ll get smooth framerates while still getting all of the beautiful graphics.

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