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Auto Chess Mobile 2.9.2

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Genres Strategy Version 2.9.2 Developer Dragonest Game Requires 4.1 Size 107.83 MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Auto Chess mobile is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for an online casual game with in-depth mechanics and meta that they can play over and over again.
Choose from a variety of animated units to fight your opponents on your chessboard.
To outsmart your opponents, utilize tactics and compositions.
With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic chess game.


Auto Chess Mobile 2.9.2

The PC version of Auto Chess, which was initially an arcade mod for the popular online MOBA game Dota 2, was the inspiration for Auto Chess Mobile.

Auto Chess, which includes all of the heroes and troops from the main game, lets users experiment with alternative tactics and team compositions while fighting foes on a complicated chessboard.

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Auto Chess Mobile, as the official mobile edition of Auto Chess, will bring gamers to a whole new chess experience, in which you can control your new sets of characters and units as they fight against your opponents in whole new gameplay.


Take a peek at all of the fascinating elements included in the game:

It’s simple to learn, but it takes time to perfect

At first, you’ll find the game to be very simple to learn. You’ll begin with a few heroes and a little amount of gold in order to begin recruiting your units.

You can start with different formations and compositions depending on the enemies.

Simply choose the appropriate units and place them on the chessboard.

Then, when the chessboard plays itself, let them attack the enemies. The game, however, becomes tougher as you go. As a result, get ready to learn a lot of new things.

Units of various races and classes

The game introduces several units that are divided into races and classes. Each unit will have unique strengths and abilities based on their race and class.

Additionally, as you continue through the game, additional powers for specific units become accessible.

You must still level your units and keep their mana levels high in order to use their special powers.

To outwit the adversaries, choose the right team configurations

With so many distinct units on the field, gamers will find themselves employing a variety of tactics and strategies in battle.

To make your move, you’ll need to pay attention to the enemy’s composition as well as their units for the most part.

You can also choose your own play and force the opposition to follow it if you’re confident in your squad.

Furthermore, formations are crucial since they influence how your units move and attack. Make sure they’re in the right place.

You can also match the classes and races of the units on the field to give your team a lot of perks.

This is known as synergies, and each synergy will provide your squad with a significant advantage over their opponents.

While on the field, synergies are presented directly on top of the screen so you can see exactly what bonuses you’re getting.

We urge that you learn more about this because it will come in handy as you go through the levels.

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